Quality and Environment

ambientePlimat's administration has a firm intention that Quality and Environment are key elements of the company's culture. We understand Quality and Environment in a vast sense, as a Plimat philosophy.
The administration defines as its policy to encourage the participation of its co-workers in the continuous improvement of the organization, of the Quality and Environment management system and of the procedures, in order to:
  • Make available the necessary means and resources to render an appropriate service to the customers with wich we intend to establish a relationship beyond mere commercial transactions, with a purpose of continual satisfaction.
  • Involve, from our suppliers to our clients, passing by each one of our co-workers, with the optimization of resources.
  • Continually improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System by means of the Quality Objectives, of the results of the Audits, of the data analysis, of the Corrective and Preventive Actions and of the Management Examination.
  • Prevent pollution resultant from its activity.
  • Minimize the environmental impacts.
  • Comply with the requirements of the standart NP EN ISSO 9001 2000


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