PLIMAT was established in 1978 and iniciated its activity in 1980, after approximately three years of preparatory activity.
PLIMAT is a company highly specialized in pipe fittings, being its major preoccupation the production of fittings of superior quality. 
PLIMAT products are duly studied and conceived, being tested and controlled in a laboratory. They are in accordance to the usual normalizations that exist for each type of fitting.

In constant search to give appropriate answers to the market's demands a project was launched which permitted in the year 2000 the beginning of a new manufacturing unit, PLIMEX, exlusively dedicated to the production of high quality valves.
The fittings we produce to conduct drinkable water and other fluids, given their chemical and mechanical resistances, and also due to their innocuousness, solve many problems in a simple and economical way when used at the temperatures and pressure recommended by PLIMAT.

The development of the company, throughout its course, has been characterized by a constant and well-balanced growth of its values and indicators, resulting from a policy and strategy centered on investigation, on development and in quality. This atitude allowed us to reach a top position in the Portuguese market, being actually the largest and most important Portuguese company manufacturer of pipe fittings and being among the best globally to what refers to quality.
The company has the most advanced technological equipment, eighter in its productive area, in quality control or either to what refers to the project.

As a consequence of its frankly positive evolution, PLIMAT obtained in 1998 the certification of its quality system based on the ISO 9002 standard, having transitted recently to the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.
PLIMAT is included in the MATOS group which is composed of a total of four companies, three of them of plastic injection (PLIMAT, PLIMEX, and MATOSPLAS) and another one (MOLDE MATOS) vocacioned to the production of high quality moulds for plastic injection.


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